18 Things to Remember while Booking a Kerala Holiday Cab

Now a days lots of taxi queries and self-driven car quires for coming for Kerala .not the below thing before booking .
1). Before making any advance payment specify the category of vehicle which they are providing.
2). Driver can speak hind or English language (any other luggage you prefer)
3). If you are making payment directly to driver kindly take receipt for the same.
4). Check the blocking km and the km up to which point, like garage to garage or up to the dropping place. If you take Without blocking kms may create problem in your trip.
5) Check the blocking km is within destination only. Like if you travel Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppy and after staring the trip you want to add any new destination would it possible? you can ask before booking.
6). Check your itinerary with the driver weather he is holding the same.
7). Ask driver details before one day and make a call to the driver whether he is aware about the trip.
8). it’s better to choose (staring model) a sedan cab cos now a day’s most of the tour vehicles are change to sedan cabs. Now a day’s mini cabs are not using by the and professional / regular drivers.
9). Make sure the cabbies’ timings. Most of the companies prefer till 7 pm to 8pm depending on the destinations.
10). Before booking the hotel make sure the vehicle parking area cos most of the hotels are not providing rest room to the drivers so at least they will get a parking area with toilet facilities.
This is one of the main complaints by the drivers in all tourist destinations and beginning of problems.
11) Make sure if any breakdown service they can make an alternate arrangement with the same price quoted.
12). avoid travelling at night time in hill stations
13). Send the exact name which you prefer in the placard at the time of arrival preferably with your sir name cos lots of arrivals at the same flight or train.
14) Below is the minimum requirement of an authorized taxi.
• The vehicle should have yellow number plate.
• The driver should have uniforms.
• The vehicle should have paid the taxes before due dates.
• The vehicle should have completed yearly testing.
• Check insurance, original registration papers and driver license before starting the trip.
If the taxi does not fulfil the mentioned requirement, it will not be allowed to take interstate permit resulting one’s holiday is spoiled.
15). Rent a Car or Self-drive cabs are now available in Kerala and south India
Cochin the Leading Brand is
Tranz Cars Govt Approved Car Rental – Home | Facebook

16). Do not take or use a car with private board because when you hire a proper taxi / Rent a car, you are being insured as third party. You may not be able to claim any damages in case you use a private car.
17) free airport transfers are providing by all airport hotels near Cochin airport.
18) In Cochin where you will get authorized cab provider’s by association of travel operators

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